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Call for Papers

The Designer's Guide website is dedicated to helping analog, RF, and mixed-signal design engineers, particularly in the area of simulation, modeling, and design methodology; with a focus on giving practical and non-obvious advice to designers. Any submissions in these areas will be considered for publication.

To increase the chance of publication, a submission should be well-written. It should be clear, with a simple and direct presentation. It should be free of grammatical and spelling errors. It should offer something of substantial practical value to practicing designers. It should not be either trivial or widely known.

Currently, all submissions are expected to be in the form of a Framemaker file attached to an email sent to

Target Audience
The target audience consists primarily of people with at least a BSEE that are either studying or participating in transistor-level analog, RF and mixed-signal circuit design, modeling or verification.
One of the following template files should be used as a starting point for your submission. The template not only serves as a starting point, but it also contains important information about how the paper should be written as well as helpful information on how to use Framemaker. If you have questions on the template, or would like to suggest improvements, contact Ken Kundert. (170 KB) Download these files if you have Framemaker 6.0 or higher.
template.mif (712 KB) Download these files if you have an earlier version of Framemaker.
template.pdf (173 KB) Download these files if you do not yet have Framemaker and want to get an idea what a submission should look like.
Xgraph is a Unix program that takes one or more datasets of xy pairs and plots them. It is useful because it is capable of generating a MIF version of the plot, which can then be imported into Framemaker and edited. Use the hardcopy menu to generate the MIF file. This program is offered without support. Alternatively, you can use gnuplot configured to generate plots in mif.
xgraph.tar.gz (495 KB) Compressed tar ball that contains the xgraph source plus an executables compiled for Sun and Linux. (520 KB) DZip file that contains the xgraph source plus an executables compiled for Sun and Linux.

License Agreement

By submitting material to The Designer's Guide Community, you agree to give the Community a perpetual nonexclusive license to distribute it on the open web and give to users of the Community the following rights:

Permission to make copies, either paper or electronic, of this work for personal or classroom use is granted without fee provided that the copies are not made or distributed for profit or commercial advantage and that the copies are complete and unmodified. To distribute otherwise, to publish, to post on servers, or to distribute to lists, requires prior written permission.

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