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Message started by kamela on Dec 24th, 2013, 6:57am

Title: modelsim de 6.5 installation
Post by kamela on Dec 24th, 2013, 6:57am

I've just downloaded the modelsim de 6.5.I do the following instructions to install it . of course those are kind of ambiguous. any way at the 5 step when I run the MentorKG.exe (e:\_msidata\flexlem\MentorKG.exe,where    e is the drive which I choose for installation and the _msidata is the folder existed for installation  and the flexlm is the  folder that I created and then  copied the MentorKG.exe file in it(according the previous steps) there exists "failed to load package info..." in cmd terminal command line  and I don't know  why either whether I do the previous steps correctly or not.
Is there any solution for that ?
the steps are below:

1- install modelsim
2- create <drive letter>:/flexlm directory
3- go to ../modeltech or  /questasim or /modelsim  installation directory  inside look for /win32 or win32xx directory  and copy mentorkg.exe
4- open cmd terminal
5- run MentorKG.exe -patch . -o <drive letter>:\flexlm\license.dat
6- verify  file creation on the directory
7- run license wizard
8- menu "user tools" -> "edit enviroment variables" and install the license.dat
9- enjoy

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