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Oct 24th, 2020, 4:57am
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Delay variation wrt frequency in a coaxial cable (Read 3138 times)
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Delay variation wrt frequency in a coaxial cable
Feb 04th, 2008, 1:53pm
I am doing some measurement in which I am using a standard coaxial cable as a passive delay element.
My assumption is that the delay provided by the coaxial cable varies less than a pico second in thefrequency range of my operation...(47MHz to 47.5 MHz)....
My doubt is that how far I am justified in my assumption...If I am wrong what is the approximate margin by which the delay of a standard coaxial cable will vary over a range of say 1 MHz?
I have connected the coax cable to a chip with 50 ohms output impedance and the other end goes to a terminal which is terminated with 50 ohms.(In fact I have connected 5 coax cables by connectors to have a length of around 15 meters and delay of around 23ns for my application)
Thanks in advance!!! Smiley
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