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Jul 17th, 2019, 1:30am
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Ocean memory management (Read 1904 times)
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Ocean memory management
Feb 26th, 2015, 9:25am
For quite some time I've had issues where if I use Ocean to iterate over a large number of corners or conditions that it often crashes due to a failed alloc or too many open files.  Anyone else see this or have good workarounds?  

foreach(cfg my_big_big_list_of_conditions_and_corners


in the post processing, I often write processed data to files using

fprintf(fp, "mydata")

but I *always* include the close().

Also I use printGraph() to make postscript files from various plots along the way.  I've found I do need to close windows when not needed:

awvSetCurrentWindow( myPlotWin )

so I don't open (without closing) a new plot window for every iteration in my big loop.

Thoughts?  I like Ocean over ADE-XL because I find it easier to program both what I want in terms of simulation conditions as well as data post processing but the crashing just kills me.  I've even resorted to iterating with something like perl and launching new ocean jobs for each iteration but that prevents you from combining results from different runs within ocean.


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