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Mar 27th, 2023, 4:34am
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Modeling of coupled inductors? (Read 3383 times)
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Modeling of coupled inductors?
Mar 13th, 2015, 1:37am

how can we model e.g. in verilogA coupled inductors efficiently?
I also wonder about a special topic: It is wellknown and simple to transform a pair of coupled inductors (i.e. a transformer) into a T-circuit. But is this also possible with 3 or more coupled inductors (all grounded at one side)?
Found nothing in the internet unfortunately.

Bye Stephan
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Re: Modeling of coupled inductors?
Reply #1 - Mar 27th, 2015, 4:57am
Are the inductors themselves in Verilog-A, or do you just want to model the coupling in Verilog-A?  I'm not aware of a way to pass the instance names of external inductors into a Verilog-A module to do the coupling.

If you're doing everything in Verilog-A, the only thing I'd caution you about is to make sure the scaling is done properly.  Think about what the unknowns are and how the simulator tolerances will apply.
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