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May 18th, 2021, 3:47am
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Forum activity and other communities? (Read 2080 times)
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Forum activity and other communities?
Jun 26th, 2016, 1:01pm
Hello, I joined this forum about two years ago and made a post (on July 3, 2014 to be precise). My post received replies and I'm appreciative of that. Thanks. Smiley

At the moment my post can be seen at the top of the 2nd page. Meaning for the last about 24 months, this forum accumulated 1 page worth of new posts. (Although in all fairness, I'm partly responsible for this too, since I only made one post in the last two years. Sad )

I'm wondering if this is because semiconductor modeling is a very small community (I doubt it is this small), or that not a lot of people know about this website and probably hang out in much larger numbers somewhere else.

I found out about this website from However many other links that I followed over there are dead or not updated in a long time. That means is not up-to-date with online semiconductor modeling communities.

I would appreciate if anyone can share any other communities which are a lot more active in the topic of semiconductor-modelling (especially un-affiliated, open-source-favoring, etc). Please feel free to share any other comments. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Forum activity and other communities?
Reply #1 - Jun 27th, 2016, 8:10am
I suspect most semiconductor physicists are either
a) in a research group at a university, and discuss everything with other members of their own research group or lab
b) students in a class, discussing with other students and teaching assistants
c) at a private company, and reluctant to discuss proprietary information, or visiting here as a hobby/service to younger researchers

Semiconductor modeling isn't something that amateurs can tinker around with in their basements.
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