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Dec 4th, 2020, 6:21am
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IP3 simulation of an entire receiver in cadence (Read 572 times)
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IP3 simulation of an entire receiver in cadence
Jul 05th, 2018, 12:37am
Hello All
I have designed a receiver but I cannot simulate its IIp3 in spectreRF.(I know I should use QPSS and QPAC from the tutorial from this site by ken kundert)
I searched a lot but all the tutorials consider a term for the LO but I have a real oscillator in my receiver.
therefore I cannot use them.
my active mixer is stacked on top of LNA (in a current reuse manner) and the output of VCO is applied to the gate of mixers to switch them.
I have also one port that is input and is matched to 50 ohm.(I used hbac for conversion gain and hbnoise for noise figure and the results are true)
how should I apply two large tone? what about VCO? how should I consider VCO large output in QPSS?
thanks a lot. Smiley
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