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The Designer's Guide Community

The Designer's Guide® Community website is a place where analog, mixed-signal and RF circuit designers come to learn about simulation, modeling and design. There are a number of very practical papers on simulation and modeling on the Analysis, Modeling, and Theory pages. A collection of useful example models can be found on the Verilog-AMS page. Papers on design methodology can be found on the Design page. And finally, our most popular feature is the Forum, where designers gather to share information about the challenges they face.

The Designer's Guide Community is built around the contributions of its members. Most chose to contribute through discussions on the Forum, but some go so far as to write and contribute either papers or models. So if you have some special knowledge you would like to share, or if some useful and well-written models, please consider submitting them.

What's New

15 January 2020 — Flicker Noise Model

A Verilog-A model that properly models flicker noise in a resistor has been added to the Semiconductor Models section of Verilog-AMS (model, README, zip, tar). Also included in the package is a simulation that can be used to see the issue in the built-in BSIM4 model.

This model is the companion to an article that describes issues in the way flicker noise is modeled in Verilog-A and device model implementation of various commercial simulators. The article is Flicker Noise Formulations in Compact Models by Geoffrey Coram, et al, and has been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on CAD sometime in 2020.

If you are concerned about the accuracy of your RF noise simulations or simply want to understand a little more about flicker noise, then you should read this article.

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