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Call for Papers


One of the following template files should be used as a starting point for your submission. The template not only serves as a starting point, but it also contains important information about how the paper should be written as well as helpful information on how to use Framemaker. If you have questions on the template, or would like to suggest improvements, contact

  • Download if you have Framemaker 6.0 or better.
  • Download template.mif if you have an earlier version of Framemaker.
  • Download template.pdf if you do not have Framemaker and want to get an idea of what a submission should look like.


Xgraph is a Unix program that takes one or more datasets of xy pairs and plots them. It is useful because it is capable of generating a MIF version of the plot, which can then be imported into Framemaker and edited. Use the hardcopy menu to generate the MIF file. This program is offered without support. Alternatively, you can use gnuplot configured to generate plots in mif.

  • xgraph.tar.gz is a compressed tar ball that contains the xgraph source plus executables compiled for Sun and Linux.
  • is a zip file that contains the xgraph source plus executables compiled for Sun and Linux.


SVG Schematics is a Python program that can be used to generate attractive schematics (please do not use Cadence schematics, they are very difficult to read).

Call for Models

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