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Oct 21st, 2020, 9:17am
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Accurately Measuring PAE for Power Amplifier (Read 2395 times)
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Accurately Measuring PAE for Power Amplifier
Sep 14th, 2005, 8:05am
Hello All,

I am trying to characterize Power amplifier. I need to measure the PAE of PA over the frequency band and Vs Power out. The problem i have is that I am doing measurements in Gated Mode(spectrum Analyzer) with a pulse of 1/8 duty cycle. And for a PAE i need to estimate the continuous mode current. To make it more complicated  PA is not completely off when it's enable signal(connected to the pulse of1/8 duty cycle) is off during the part of cycle. So I need to account for this leakage current as well since ammeter reading is just  an average of current in OFF and ON state.

Any comments and suggestion are welcome. I think i haven't been able to explain my problem clearly so let me know if somebody need a bit more explaination.

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