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Oct 22nd, 2020, 5:31am
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fracpole transient behaviour model (Read 2672 times)
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Reiner Franke

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fracpole transient behaviour model
Mar 10th, 2009, 7:25am
I just notice that the fracpole model would also model the dielectric relaxation of real capacitors. Before I know only the skin effect modelling accuracy of fracpole. I was some years ago surprised that the accuracy was an order higher than a rational expression in the s-domain with equal number of order which was was my basis before.

Now I was directed by the application problem

My question is now. Is there a nonlinear differential equation describing the effect more accurate with less coeffcients and less computational effort?

The problem with application directed modelling of processes is that fabs are resistant to model important effects. That is argumented by a huge number of application driven trades if the model is application driven. But if the model is more physical directed there is no argument for any resistance.

To go further there is a clear argument to make fab independend modelling. Who cares about the exact numbers from my fab if some effects are missing at all and triggering respins. That is the picture of a high quality DK where the fab have to fill the numbers.

But back to the dielectric relaxation. Is there some "idee"
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