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Mar 25th, 2023, 7:31am
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Delta Sigma Toolbox (Read 2822 times)
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Delta Sigma Toolbox
Feb 28th, 2013, 4:06pm
Hey guys,

I used Schreier's toolbox to simulate a 3rd-order 2-bit delta sigma. I saw a code somewhere used this functin:
[v,xn,xmax,y] = simulateDSM(u,ABCD|ntf,nlev)
to find maximum output value of each integrator. That guy swept a DC voltage, and then found the maxim output value of each integrator. In the next step, he used another function (ScaleABCD) to scale those voltages for real implementation.
Now what is the problem?
I did that, and could get those answers, but when I apply a sine input, swing of each integrator is a way lower than the former case, even when amplitude of the sine wave equals that DC voltage applied before. I wonder what the problem is.
Any help would be appreciated!  
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