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Apr 1st, 2023, 12:20am
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pnoise for SC networks with chopper (Read 1470 times)
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pnoise for SC networks with chopper
Jun 01st, 2015, 11:31pm
Hi all!

I want to measure the integrated output noise power in a specific frequency range in a Switched Capacitor network; I used pss+timedomain pnoise analysis to get the integrated noise power of the sampled output. Now I want to add a chopper to modulate the flicker noise with the chopping frequency at fs/2 where fs is the rate at which the SC network is varying periodically. Now with this chopping clock added, the network now will be varying at a rate of fs/2 and so time-domain pnoise will give the noise power of output samples, sampled at fs/2 (this is what I am thinking; plz correct me if wrong)  whereas the one required is the noise power of samples, sampled at fs. So how do I get the noise power of output samples sampled at fs?

I was thinking of emulating an impulse sampling instead of a square wave sampling and get the continuous time noise PSD from pnoise. But that would require the switch resistance to be very low which inturn would require a very high maxacfrequency for pss.

Is there a better method of obtaining the noise power?
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Re: pnoise for SC networks with chopper
Reply #1 - Jun 2nd, 2020, 9:35pm
there is a parameter set in pnoise, you can try it.
The ratio between sampled frequency and fund frequency
(sampled frequency/fund frequency).
default value is 1
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