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Jan 15th, 2021, 5:54am
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Variable resistor (Read 4082 times)
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Variable resistor
Apr 24th, 2007, 5:40pm
Hi folks,

I am thinking of a simple question and I am wondering if you know the answer. I am thinking whether is it possible to model a resistor that varies with respect to time or temperature. I know this is easily done in real life, just get a variable resistor and twitch it till u get the resistor value u want. However, my question is how do u model this in Cadence.
For instance, let's say I am running the transient analysis and I would like to have a resistor that varies its resistance with time. Then the question is how do I can I make it run in Cadence. I mean I would like to run it as simple as possible without the use of any other circuitry such as oscillator, quartz, etc. So, any good tips?

Thank you for your time I am hoping that you dont get bothered by such simple question.  


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Re: Variable resistor
Reply #1 - May 10th, 2007, 1:45am
r1 (1 0) resistor r=1k+$time*1e6
i1 (1 0) isource dc=1u

tran tran stop=1m 

See spectre -h bsource for more details.

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