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Nov 24th, 2020, 12:31am
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Modeling Dielectric Absorption in Capacitors (Read 2740 times)
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Modeling Dielectric Absorption in Capacitors
Sep 21st, 2009, 2:34pm
Hi all,

I have found some very useful information on this website, and I would like to replicate some results from the guide, "Modeling Dielectric Absorption in Capacitors".  However, I am having a hard time figuring out where all of the parameters were calculated from.

On page 11 of 19, the guide states "This was done for the capacitor characterized in Figure 2".  Am I assuming correctly that C_0 was found by approximating the second hump on the right for |X| (between 10MHz and 100MHz)?  Am I assuming correctly that C_infinity is always the part value (in this case, 10nF)?  Also, is alpha just an approximation based upon which graph in Figure 4 fits the data the best?  If so, what data is this fitting (since Figure 6 is for a different capacitor entirely, according to the document).

I'm sorry if these questions seem obvious, I'm just having some difficulty connecting the dots, so to speak.  If anyone can clarify this, it would be greatly appreciated.

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