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Oct 2nd, 2022, 2:01am
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HSPICE simulations .. (Read 4283 times)
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HSPICE simulations ..
Mar 06th, 2011, 10:33am
Hello guys,

I was wondering if someone can help me with this.

I'm trying to test an 8-bit Kogge Stone adder. I need to input several input vectors and check weather the output is convenient or not. That is I need to input DC signals like A[[7:0]] = 11001010, B[[7:0]] = 00110011 and Cin = 0. And to get the DC output in a way like Sum[[7:0]] = 11111101. I tried to use a digital vector file (you can find it at the end of this post), however the output file consists of only the result of one input vector AF + FF + 1. Could someone tell me how to get the output of all these input vectors ?

Also, I was thinking of .alter statement. However, I don't like assigning each voltage node one at a time. Is there a way to set a V(input high) = 1.2 Volts and V(input low)= 0.0 Volts, A[[7:0]] = 10110011 .. etc ?

; defining the radix
radix   44 44 1    
; defining the vector names
vname  A[[7:0]] B[[7:0]] cin
; defines wether the signals are inputs or outputs
io  ii ii i  
; defines the time unit
tunits ps
; defining the logic high and the logic low for the input signals
vih 1.0    FF FF  1
vil 0.0    FF FF 1
period 350  
; tabular data section
85 A9 0
FF FF 0  
F0 80 0
FF 01 1
DA 47 1
E1 20 0
34 76 0
87 23 1
EE 11 1
45 89 0
32 AD 1

Thank you in advance.

Best wishes.
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