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Aug 1st, 2021, 11:53pm
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Simulatiuon result analysis (Read 2116 times)
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Simulatiuon result analysis
May 18th, 2011, 2:29pm

I am designing a serial TRX system and I need to observe/analyze the jitter profile in different locations of the link. My question is as the following:

- is there any way to plot the jitter histogram doing Spectre transient simulations ?
- if yes, is there any analytical way to evaluate the DJ/RJ parts ?


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Re: Simulatiuon result analysis
Reply #1 - Jun 2nd, 2011, 2:16am
Hi SATurn,

What tool version do you use? There is jitter analysis feature in IC

Otherwise please look at

Those tools and scripts are used to analyze jitter histogram after you finish a transient analysis. So it is used to measure DJ.

For RJ, I think you must run PSS/PNoise analysis with time domain noise. Please look at

Best Regards,
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