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Mar 2nd, 2024, 12:29pm
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ADS bondwire model (Read 7251 times)
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ADS bondwire model
Apr 25th, 2012, 2:41am
Hi all,

ADS has a bondwire model using component BONDW1, BONDW2 etc, where the number represents the number of coupled bondwires.

Has anybody used this model? The results I'm getting a way off from HFSS or rule-of-thumb results. For example, for a single bondwire of around 1mm length and 200um height, the model shows an inductance of 0.67nH where I expect around 1 nH.


I'm getting a bit closer now after some tweaking, but its still not that good. Does anybody use this?

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Re: ADS bondwire model
Reply #1 - May 14th, 2014, 2:11pm
Hi Aaron,

As for any model you have to calibrate the model against the real package you are using.
ADS bond wire model uses the JEDEC model where you specify the bond wire profile that matches the one from your packaging house.
Usually the packaging house provides a S-parameters file that represents the bond wire and the can use this file as a starting point to calibrate the JEDEC model and get more reasonable results.
I found these S parameters models sometimes not very accurate so you can then move to the next step and actually measure the precise frequency response of the bond wire. but for this you will have to create a dedicated structure on the die to be able to probe.

I am not familiar with the model HFSS provides but if it has also a JEDEC model then you should get the same results.

Hope this helps
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