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Oct 4th, 2023, 5:29am
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Cannot import "Spectre" netlist (Read 2837 times)
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Cannot import "Spectre" netlist
May 21st, 2014, 7:38am

I've met problems while importing "spectre" netlist.
Here is extract from spiceIn.log:
Created MyLib1.One_Well_1:netlist_tmp
	Created net T1CN_1.
	Created term T1CN_1.
	Created net min1CN_1.
	Created term min1CN_1.
	Created net T1CP.
	Created term T1CP.
	Created net min1CP.
	Created term min1CP.

	Total number of Insts: 265.

	Inst: Irh_1
		Created net '1_1'.
		Created net '2_1'.
		Created net 'm1_1'.
		Created net 'm2_1'.

		Master Cell: 'epfl_res_v2'.
		SpiceIn failed to the to open CDF SimInfo of cell 'ATOMICS1.epfl_res_v2'
		Did not find MyLib1.epfl_res_v2:sch1.
ERROR (SPICEIN-24): Spice In did not find the symbol view of the master cell 'epfl_res_v2' of the instance
'Irh_1' in the subcircuit 'One_Well_1'. Specify the reference library that has the symbol
view of the master cell, or use device-mapping to map 'epfl_res_v2' to a different

2 questions here:
1. What means 1st warning "SpiceIn failed to the to open CDF SimInfo of ... "
2. Schematic sch1 indeed doesn't exist ... I thougth that it must be created during import process

Thanks in advance

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