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Apr 18th, 2024, 8:49pm
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adexl conditional specifications (Read 88 times)
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adexl conditional specifications
Apr 03rd, 2015, 1:25pm
I'm having troubles writing conditional specifications in ADE-XL and am wondering if anyone has good suggestions.  Here is a simple example:

circuit:  tunable lowpass filter
simulation:  ac sim that measured -3 dB bandwidth
parameters:  frequency control, PVT

so what I want is to run a bunch of simulations over PVT and with the frequency control at min and at max.  My specs would be then:

BW_sim@control=min < minimum bandwidth spec
BW_sim@control=max > maximum bandwidth spec

In other words, the sim looks over PVT and makes sure the desired range of bandwidths is achievable over all PVT.

I don't know how to make the measurement in ADE-XL depend on the frequency control parameter.

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Re: adexl conditional specifications
Reply #1 - Apr 21st, 2015, 11:34pm

I think two approaches are the simplest in ADEXL:

1. Use of variables like VGainSetting and use of VAR("VGainSetting") in the output equations. Run eg. an AC sweep at fix freq (like 100MHz) and sweep this variable. With value(VF(out) ...) you can pick the desired gain


2. Make just two tests: One for low-gain and a 2nd for high-gain.

Also corner-specific specs are possible using "spec-overridings".

Bye Stephan
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