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Mar 28th, 2023, 4:25am
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how to use arm M0 core to implemented micro-controller? (Read 2165 times)
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how to use arm M0 core to implemented micro-controller?
Sep 01st, 2015, 12:10pm

How to implement micro-controller for four different sensing micro-controller.

For example, low power sensing one mode, high power sensing one mode,low power sensing two mode, high power sensing two mode, etc.

how to get out of each mode, how to write the interrupt and handle those interrupt.

Does anyone have experience on how to implemented the arm m0 core as a microcontroller?

Why do we need a mircocontroller, why can not we just use FSM to implement it? In another word, what is the advantages of M0 microcontroller? It seems that Iphone has a seperate micro-controller to handle the sensing activities. Can anyone comments?

If someone can comments or provide some verilog code, it will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot
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