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May 19th, 2024, 8:58pm
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What can we do with "subckts","instance", "model" and "output" results? (Read 3024 times)
Horror Vacui
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Dresden, Germany
What can we do with "subckts","instance", "model" and "output" results?
Feb 22nd, 2016, 9:37am
After a spectre simulation the results() command returns with results I do not know how could be used.

ocean> results()
(stb subckts instance stb_margin dcOp
    model output designParamVals "stb_reg-stb" primitives

I do not know "subckts", "instance", "model", "output", "primitves" and "designParamVals". What data is stored in these simulation results and how could I use them? I have not found any reference in the  documentation Sad  but I am curious what tricks could be done with these. It would be enough to point me to the appropriate documentation. Thanks!
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Re: What can we do with "subckts","instance", "model" and "output" results?
Reply #1 - Feb 22nd, 2016, 11:45am
Try "spectre -help info"
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