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Mar 2nd, 2024, 12:56pm
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How to access global signals cds_globals (Read 806 times)
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How to access global signals cds_globals
Oct 29th, 2016, 3:12am
Hello everyone,

I have a cellview that has both inherited connections that can be called with this command dbGetCellViewInheritedSig and other global signals that do not show up with it. However, all of them appear in the cds_globals module after the netlisting.

I want to figure out this global "hidden" signal without running the netlister. Like is there a way in skill to get the name of this signal?


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Re: How to access global signals cds_globals
Reply #1 - Dec 29th, 2016, 1:57am
Maybe you have global signals too? Typically it's the global signals that appear in this auto-created module (so this would be the default values of any inherited connections, or any global nets). You should be able to find any global nets (in a specific cellView; remember that to find them all you'd need to look at all cellViews in the hierarchy) by using:
setof(signal cvId~>signals signal~>isGlobal) 


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