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Jun 24th, 2024, 7:49pm
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Calibration Technique for RF Chemical Sensor (Read 2139 times)
Usman Khalid
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Calibration Technique for RF Chemical Sensor
Apr 17th, 2017, 4:19am

I have recently finished designing of my electromagnetic resonator. It is 4 port structure using 4 circular QMSIW antennas which are isolated from each other but are constructed on the same substrate. Picture is attached

My requirement is to make a calibration standard using at least 3 ports or 2 ports for calibration and then the remaining 1 port or 2 ports for chemical sensing using microfluidic channels.

So, it will be a chemical sensor device using calibration standard.

Can anyone please help me in how to make calibration standard in this scenario.

I read some papers on calibration techniques used for moisture detection from granular materials but I did not get an idea of how to use calibration technique in chemical sensing scenario.

Please help!
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