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Dec 4th, 2023, 8:33pm
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CppSim Tutorial question using Sue2 (Read 1173 times)
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CppSim Tutorial question using Sue2
Apr 25th, 2018, 11:18pm
In the tutorials (in the CppSim home page) there is one for the 'Design of a Wideband Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizer Using CppSim' and a download file that accompanies the project. I imported the download into the library in Sue2 according to the tutorial. Then I opened up the wb_synth example per instructions. I then did a simple compile/run and ended up with errors. The first error complained about undefined _gl parameters. Looking into the editor I found that the param. line was with no pararmeters, but the commented param line above it looked ok, so I uncommented that line so now I had defined _gl parameters. And recompiled the example. The global errors went away, but now I got the following error:

error in 'eval_no_paren_expr': argument not defined
 in file 'test.par'
  arg = 'enable'
expession = enableerror
 line reads:
→ *Enable the Data Weight Everaging Algorithm 1.0=enable, -1.0=disable

looking again into the editor I find the  following line in the test.par file editor:

*Enable the Date Weight Averaging Alogorithm 1.0=enable, -1.0=disable dwaen=-1.0;

but nothing that seems to relate to the first 5 lines of the error message. I am at a loss of how to fix this example. I would have thought that downloaded examples would work without all these problems! Please help get this running.
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