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Oct 22nd, 2020, 5:43am
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RF Distribution basic question (Read 389 times)
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RF Distribution basic question
Feb 25th, 2019, 6:56am
Hi guys!! Smiley

I'm trying to design a RF distribution for my wireless receivers.

I'm a sound recordist working in TV, so I have to deal with wireless microphones daily.

Basically the setup I would like to have is 2 dipole antennae connected to my 2 wireless microphone receivers.

I am working in UHF band, 470 to 600MHz.

I am using mini-circuits components, SMD, and the distribution has to fit in a tiny 3cmX3cmX1cm.

I am a sound engineer, I have very limited knowledge in RF and analog circuits. I try to read and watch tutorials, but I get lost very quickly as I don't speak the basics of this language. In theory, the circuit is suppose to work. The problem is when I look a the schematic of the components (Balun and Splitter), I don't understand which how to connect every thing together, as I am not able to read the schematic.

So, it would go like this ;

Dipole antenna -> Balun -> 2 way Power Splitter - 2X female SMAs output -> wireless receivers.

The question ; I know this is elementary school for most of you, I just need someone to point me out which pins to connect where. Like the actual circuit path.

I got myself a mini-circuit 1:1 transformer and a 2 way power splitter. I am good at soldering, but I just don't know technically how to connect everything.

Here is my thinking, please tell me where I am wrong;

So we start with the 2 Dipole elements, one goes in the Primary of the balun, the other one goes in the secondary.

At the other side of the balun, Primary Dot becomes my main "signal", Secondary Dot connects to ground of the hole circuit.

Then my main signal enters the "S" port of the splitter, and the splitter is attached to ground that carries the signal from the other sides of the dipole (?)

Then at the exit of the Splitter, I attach 2 SMAs, that are grounded as well.

Here below the schematic of my 2 units.

Balun ;

Splitter ;

Thank you so much!!

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