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Jun 2nd, 2023, 3:42pm
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SNR and ENOB of a DAC in Cadence Spectre (Read 430 times)
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SNR and ENOB of a DAC in Cadence Spectre
Apr 19th, 2020, 7:31pm
I am trying to measure the ENOB and SDR / SNDR of a DAC in Cadence Spectre ( I am using old version of Cadence IC5.14).

Its a 10GS/S DAC.

I am inputting a 10GHz clock, 100 MHz 256mV (full scale) sinuosoid into an ideal 8 bit ADC from ahdlLib.  From then it goes into my DAC.

I am running/using PSS, and PSS selects the clock and input sinusoid as large frequency signals with beat frequency of 100MHz, I run with conservative and moderate, 10 harmonics, and no other changes.  It does not converge to a solution.

See settings attached.

OR should I run a transient and just do an FFT on the output.

Can PSS be used for this type of circuit?

Thank you.

What am I doing wrong ?

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