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May 8th, 2021, 2:31pm
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Estimating and planning (Read 87 times)
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Estimating and planning
Feb 05th, 2021, 4:20pm
How do you come up with your first rough estimate for how long it takes to design a circuit, its area, and current consumption?
In particular, say you had to add a high pass filter (to boost high frequencies) to a SERDES receiver, that wasn’t already there.  Just a hand-waving approximation of how many weeks it would take to design, verify, layout, post layout verify, and get first samples from the foundry. How much current it would draw, and how big it would be.  Say, for 45 nm.
Nobody’s going to hire you or me to do this.  Just an approximation.
You’re not committing to any accuracy here.  I appreciate it.
Bob P.
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