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Apr 18th, 2024, 7:45pm
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Performing Monte-Carlo simulation with AMS (Read 327 times)
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Performing Monte-Carlo simulation with AMS
Jun 16th, 2022, 9:50am
I am relatively new to working with AMS. However, I have a design with a digital block that if simulated with its schematic view with spectre, takes a week to finish. Substituting the digital with its RTL and running AMS takes just a few hours. I have run transient simulation this way and it runs ok, I can get the results from the expressions I have defined.
I wanted to also run MC with AMS (and ICRP mode) and here I was not very successful. I use the same testbench as for the transient AMS simulation, just choose the MC setup and also the ttg_localmismatch models. However simulation itself produces pretty much garbage. and as a result also the expressions don't evaluate. For ex, I have a verilog file generating stimuli for the test bench. In MC sims, all outputs of that block are 0, while they are as they should be when running just regular transient simulation with AMS.

I was wondering if there is anything different I should set up for the MC simulation now, when I am using the AMS - different, I mean, compared to non-AMS simulations? Is it at all possible to run MC with AMS?

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