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Apr 18th, 2024, 8:30pm
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UltraSim option (Read 6264 times)
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UltraSim option
Aug 07th, 2007, 1:52pm
Hello everyone,

When using UltraSim, from the Analog Design Enivronment (ADE), if I go to  Simulation -> Options -> Analog ... -> under Simulation Mode, there are 6 options including one that is called "Analog Multi-Rate (AMR)."  However, after I created a "config" cellview, and in the hierarchy editor, I turned "Properties" in View, the "sim_mode" column only has 5 options, without AMR.  Is there a way to choose AMR from hierarchy editor?

The reason I want to choose AMR is that, for some reason I did not get the correct transient output with either Mixed Signal (MS) or Analog (A) but only with AMR, which I would assume to be less accurate than Analog (A) from the way the options are arranged.  Any ideas why?  The block I'm simulating is a mixer whos output goes into a block that is mainly digital, i.e. Digital Fast (DF).  I'm looking at the output of the mixer.


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Re: UltraSim option
Reply #1 - Aug 27th, 2007, 10:37pm
AMR is somewhat deemphasized these days because it only helps in a few cases. Anyway, you can get amr in the set of choices by going to your MMSIM installation, and editing the file <instdir>/share/cdssetup/registry/props/ultrasim.def - add in "amr" to the choices in the sim_mode definition.

I did just try adding it in a ~/propdict.def (see the <ICinstDir>/doc/caiuser/caiuser.pdf doc , chapter 13 on the occurrence property dictionary), but because of how the searching is done, it seems thet that ultrasim.def is winning over the same named property in a personal propdict.def - I expect with a bit more digging I could solve that, but a quick answer is to modify the ultrasim.def in the MMSIM installation.


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