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Apr 17th, 2024, 9:03am
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how to simulate a shift register? (Read 5276 times)
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how to simulate a shift register?
Aug 31st, 2007, 4:51am

As an RF design engineer, I have no experience with digital simulators, and also not quite familiar with digital stuff. I would like to get help from you that how to simulate a shift register. The shift register is an 8-bit register, consiscts of 8 in series connected D-FFs, and the Q output of the 8th D-FF is fed back to the D input of the 1st D-FF. As I know, once a word is write to the register, say 10000000, then the shift register will shift one bit to the right till the right-most bit, and then rotate back to the left most bit...

In the SpectreRF I used vpulse to simulate the register but without feedback, I can see that the bit is shifted to the right, but how to simulate the register with feedback? how to write the initial word into the register, and then let the shift register rotate itself?

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