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Dec 1st, 2021, 11:10pm
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virtuoso passive component designer (Read 9912 times)
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virtuoso passive component designer
Feb 17th, 2009, 11:48am
i am having some problems with VPCD:

1. I set up my environment according to users guide, but when I try to do custom inductor/transformer i get this message:

WARNING: cannot find display.drf file [/opt/cadence/test.tlib/display.drf].
You need to copy your [display.drf] file to directory [/home/.vpcm_datdir] manually.
ERROR: starting GTE failed.

however i have the .techfile and display.drf in the correct folders... my process's procfile was encrypted so i exported it to "internal format" using vpcm so i could modify it.

2. I can't generate cells with ground+shield, i get the following message:

("error" 56 t nil ("*Error* No contact!"))\w *WARNING* Pcell evaluation for vpcm/PCM_shld_rect/layout has the following error(s):
\w *WARNING* ("error" 56 t nil ("*Error* No contact!"))
\w *WARNING* Error kept in "errorDesc" property of the label "pcellEvalFailed" on layer/purpose "marker/error" in the submaster.
\o ("error" 56 t nil ("*Error* No contact!"))

any ideas how to solve either of these problems?
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Andrew Beckett
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Re: virtuoso passive component designer
Reply #1 - Feb 17th, 2009, 7:54pm
For the first one, support for custom inductors using GTE has been dropped - the flow wasn't completed, and the approach of supporting existing pcells was preferred.

Overall you should contact Cadence customer support - VPCD is now in limited support mode, so best to discuss your needs via your usual Cadence support channel.

Best Regards,

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