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Jun 14th, 2024, 4:36am
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Ultrasim warning (CMI-2318) (Read 2060 times)
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Ultrasim warning (CMI-2318)
May 24th, 2016, 2:51am
WARNING (CMI-2318): tb_top.dut.Icore_top.Ianalog_top.Idreg.I77.M31:
       Parasitic resistor `Rs' has been deleted because its value of 430.139
       uOhm ( R / MFactor ) was smaller than `MinR'

I am getting above Ultrasim warning while running with ultrasim as full chip simulator in command line mode (not in gui mode).

1. Could you please tell me what parameter is to set and what should be its value to get rid of this error?

2. Is it going to affect the circuit performance?

Plz help me.
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