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Oct 24th, 2020, 4:23am
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SRAM design for external EEPROM (Read 789 times)
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SRAM design for external EEPROM
Oct 20th, 2017, 1:30pm
Hello everyone,

I am trying to design a mixed signal chip and in the chip I need to store a look up table data not more than 256 bytes. And there should be a way to change these look up table values. So I was thinking of designing an EEPROM. But soon I found out that the pdk I am using does not provide rom designing capability. The best I can do is to design SRAMs. So I have decided to use an external rom like 24C02/04 and load the data to the SRAM while the chip is starting. But I have never worked with memory designing before. So, I am kind of at a loss on how to do it.

Using micro-controllers I can write the LUT data to the rom. But I am wondering how would I load this data to the SRAM? What extra circuitry do I need to do that? Do I have to incorporate those inside the chip or I can do it from the outside? Most importantly what should I keep in mind while designing the SRAM for this purpose?

I would be highly grateful for your kind reply. Thanks in advance... Smiley
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