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Sep 18th, 2020, 8:30pm
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Spectre  .pnoise type sources vs pmjitter (Read 884 times)
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Spectre  .pnoise type sources vs pmjitter
Feb 01st, 2018, 4:45am
Hi All,
In the buffer circuit, I want to analyse the phase noise due to device noise. There are two methods of doing it as discussed.
     1) Noisetype as sources: In this case, the signal “out” is clipped using an ideal VCVS to remove AM noise. In pnoise, noisetype as sources is run on “out_clip”.
     2) Noisetype as pmjitter: One can also run a pmjitter on “out” signal and convert the voltage noise to an equivalent dBc/Hz number using the following equation.
dBc=20 log_10⁡(((v_n √2)/slew_rate)*pi*f_o )

Here is the question. The sources dBc/Hz numbers are smaller compared to pmjitter numbers. Why?

On spectrum analyser what dBc/Hz numbers will be more realistic?

For driven circuits, how does one simulate realistic phase noise in dBc/Hz?

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