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May 25th, 2019, 6:59pm
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TSMC 65nm Calibre dummy insertion tool (Read 57 times)
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TSMC 65nm Calibre dummy insertion tool
May 05th, 2019, 4:48am
Hi team,
I am using TSMC 65nm and trying to clear metal density errors with auto dummy fill. I have a file called "Dummy_OD_PO_Metal_Calibre_65nm.22b", which TSMC says this is the Calibre dummy insertion tool. I opened the file and changed the parameter of layout path as the directory to my library and layout primary as cell name

LAYOUT PATH "/home/.../Receiver_2019(this is the lib name)"
LAYOUT PRIMARY "TOPLEVEL_PADS(this is the cellview name)"

Then I opened a terminal at the category of "Dummy_OD_PO_Metal_Calibre_65nm.22b" and type

calibre -drc -hier Dummy_OD_PO_Calibre_65nm.22b

The DRC run with an error: ERROR: Error RES2 on line 9359 of Dummy_OD_PO_Metal_Calibre_65nm.22b - undefined layer name parameter: M9x_TFRDMY_8.

Can anybody please give me some advice on how I can use the TSMC auto dummy fill. Thanks a lot.

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