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May 21st, 2022, 2:29pm
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VerilogAMS model for dual voltage clamper (Read 368 times)
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VerilogAMS model for dual voltage clamper
Sep 03rd, 2019, 5:38am
I am writing a verilogAMS model for dual clamper. It's simple voltage clamp with upper threshold(upclamp) of 180mv and lower threshold(dnclamp) of 50mv. When upper threshold is reached then Output voltage is pulled down to ground and when lower threshold is reached then output voltage is pulled up to VDD.

AMS model works fine on block level testbench but it starts chattering on top level and slows down the simulation drastically?

Here is my verilogAMS code:

`include "constants.vams"
`include "disciplines.vams"

module compClamp (COMP2PWM,VoutDivRC2,COMPclamp,AVDD,AGND);
	input COMP2PWM;
	input VoutDivRC2;
	inout AVDD;
	inout AGND;
	output COMPclamp;

	electrical COMP2PWM, VoutDivRC2, COMPclamp, AVDD, AGND;
	electrical dnclamp,upclamp;

	real gm_dnclamp;
	real gm_upclamp;

    parameter real dn_clamp_offset=50m;
    parameter real up_clamp_offset=180m;
analog begin

		gm_dnclamp= 11.0m;
		gm_dnclamp= 1.0n;

   		gm_upclamp= 11.0m;
		gm_upclamp= 1.0n;

	I(AVDD,dnclamp) <+ V(AVDD,dnclamp) * transition(gm_dnclamp,0,500.0p,500.0p);
	I(upclamp,AGND) <+ V(upclamp,AGND) * transition(gm_upclamp,0,500.0p,500.0p);

	I(COMPclamp,upclamp) <+ V(COMPclamp,upclamp)*gm_upclamp;  
    I(COMPclamp,dnclamp) <+ V(COMPclamp,dnclamp)*gm_dnclamp;

Can anyone suggest improvement in the model to achieve this functionality without any slowdown? Thanks.
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