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Feb 26th, 2024, 2:09am
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Questions about class-F and Inverse class-F RF power amplifiers (Read 512 times)
Mohamed Osama
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Questions about class-F and Inverse class-F RF power amplifiers
Sep 26th, 2020, 3:09pm
Hi all

I have few questions regarding class F/F-1 RF power amplifiers, i've read few textbooks but none satisfied my exact questions

  • Why class F/F-1 are sometimes classified in the textbooks as a switched mode power amplifier? the way i see it is, it's like a linear amplifier with class B up to -almost- class A but with harmonic network synthesized to square the voltage (class F) to reduce the volt/current overlap and increase the fundamental frequency power, in other words, the amplifier is used as a current source with conduction angle rather than a switch.

  • in class F , assuming the current wave form is half-rectified sine wave, it contains only even harmonics which are presented with short circuit, so the voltage waveform won't contain any even harmonics but contains only odd harmonics, though ideally the input does not have any odd harmonic content, Prof. Cripps answered this question in his book that the current waveform will contain non-negligible odd harmonics content, so that may answer the question but in the case of class-F inverse I have no idea how the square current will appear if the input driving signal to the gate of the device is sinusoidal? it's said that the voltage waveform affects the current waveform in an iterative complex manner, but i don't quite get it.

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