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May 24th, 2022, 12:09am
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DAC output DC voltage shift (Read 887 times)
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DAC output DC voltage shift
Nov 30th, 2020, 1:35am
Hi guys,

i'm working on a 10bit charge redistribution switched-capacitor serial DAC.
The converter works with V_ref=10mV=V_fs.
In this way, the converter starts convertingthe input from 0 to 10mV.
The problem is that i need this very small LSB=9.8uV but at the end of the conversion, the output must have 300mV DC voltage (lets say a 10mVpp sinusoidal signal with 300mV DC).
The DAC output goes to an high gain voltage buffer stage in order to drive a capacitive load.
How can i introduce the DC voltage? Level-shift after the buffer or internally within the dac?

Thank you in advance!  :)
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