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Sep 15th, 2019, 3:04pm
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Cadence-AMS simulator 2.0 (Read 9378 times)
Guneet Singh

Cadence-AMS simulator 2.0
Dec 11th, 2003, 12:19am
Hello everyone,
I am in the process of setting up the Cadence-AMS 2.0 environment for Verilog-AMS and am facing problems with the cds.lib and hdl.var files.
On debugging the cds.lib file using the  'nchelp -cds.lib' command, I am getting the following error: ~/verilog11-9> nchelp -cdslib
nchelp: v03.35.(s016): (c) Copyright 1995 - 2002 Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Parsing -CDSLIB file ./cds.lib.
nchelp: *W,VHCLAF: CDS.LIB (fatal): Syntax error 'DEFINE NCSIMRC         ( ./ncsimrc, ~/.ncsimrc )' on line 4 of /opt/CAD/Cadence/AMS-2.0/tools.sun4v/inca/files/hdl.var.
nchelp: *W,VHCLAF: CDS.LIB (fatal): Syntax error 'DEFINE VHDL_SUFFIX     ( .vhd, .vhdl )' on line 5 of /opt/CAD/Cadence/AMS-2.0/tools.sun4v/inca/files/hdlvhdl.var.
nchelp: *W,VHCLAF: CDS.LIB (fatal): Syntax error 'DEFINE VERILOG_SUFFIX  ( .v )' on line 5 of /opt/CAD/Cadence/AMS-2.0/tools.sun4v/inca/files/hdlvlog.var.

cds.lib files:
1:  ./cds.lib
2:  /opt/CAD/Cadence/AMS-2.0/tools.sun4v/inca/files/cds.lib
   included on line 2 of ./cds.lib
3:  /opt/CAD/Cadence/AMS-2.0/tools.sun4v/inca/files/cdsvhdl.lib
   included on line 2 of /opt/CAD/Cadence/AMS-2.0/tools.sun4v/inca/files/cds.lib
4:  /opt/CAD/Cadence/AMS-2.0/tools.sun4v/inca/files/cdsvlog.lib
   included on line 3 of /opt/CAD/Cadence/AMS-2.0/tools.sun4v/inca/files/cds.lib
5:  /opt/CAD/Cadence/AMS-2.0/tools.sun4v/inca/files/hdl.var
   included on line 3 of ./cds.lib
6:  /opt/CAD/Cadence/AMS-2.0/tools.sun4v/inca/files/hdlvhdl.var
   included on line 20 of /opt/CAD/Cadence/AMS-2.0/tools.sun4v/inca/files/hdl.var
7:  /opt/CAD/Cadence/AMS-2.0/tools.sun4v/inca/files/hdlvlog.var
   included on line 21 of /opt/CAD/Cadence/AMS-2.0/tools.sun4v/inca/files/hdl.var

Libraries defined:

Defined in /opt/CAD/Cadence/AMS-2.0/tools.sun4v/inca/files/cdsvhdl.lib:
Line #  Filesys       Verilog  VHDL          Path
------  -------       -------  ----          ----
  1    std           std      STD           /opt/CAD/Cadence/AMS-2.0/tools.sun4v/inca/files/STD
  2    synopsys      synopsys  SYNOPSYS      /opt/CAD/Cadence/AMS-2.0/tools.sun4v/inca/files/SYNOPSYS
  3    ieee          ieee     IEEE          /opt/CAD/Cadence/AMS-2.0/tools.sun4v/inca/files/IEEE
  4    ambit         ambit    AMBIT         /opt/CAD/Cadence/AMS-2.0/tools.sun4v/inca/files/AMBIT
  5    vital_memory  vital_memory  VITAL_MEMORY  /opt/CAD/Cadence/AMS-2.0/tools.sun4v/inca/files/VITAL_MEMORY

Defined in /opt/CAD/Cadence/AMS-2.0/tools.sun4v/inca/files/hdl.var:
Line #  Filesys       Verilog  VHDL          Path
------  -------       -------  ----          ----
  5    NCHELP_DIR    NCHELP_DIR  \NCHELP_DIR\  /opt/CAD/Cadence/AMS-2.0/tools.sun4v/inca/files/help

Defined in ./cds.lib:
Line #  Filesys       Verilog  VHDL          Path
------  -------       -------  ----          ----
 10    worklib       worklib  WORKLIB       ./worklib

     I would be grateful if someone could point out the mistake I am making in the whole process.

Thanks and regards,
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Andrew Beckett
Senior Fellow

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me about Life...

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Bracknell, UK
Re: Cadence-AMS simulator 2.0
Reply #1 - Dec 22nd, 2003, 10:51pm

From the error messages, I would guess that you have an INCLUDE or a SOFTINCLUE
in your cds.lib file which is including an hdl.var file. That's not the correct
thing to do. An hdl.var file (whilst similar syntax) needs to be kept separate
from the cds.lib file.

I managed to get similar error messages by doing the above.

You didn't actually post your cds.lib file, so it's hard to be certain, but
this seems a likely explanation to me.

Also, AMS20 is a rather early version of AMS Designer, and I'd definitely
recommend moving to a newer one (e.g. LDV51) if you can. Things have
moved on a lot in AMS Designer.


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Guneet Singh
New Member

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Re: Cadence-AMS simulator 2.0
Reply #2 - Dec 23rd, 2003, 1:32am
Mr. Beckett,
    Thanks a lot for the responses both here and on the comp.cad.cadence Google group. I am indeed very grateful to you for that.
Guneet Singh
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