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Apr 12th, 2024, 9:04am
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rc synthesize problem (Read 40 times)
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rc synthesize problem
Aug 23rd, 2018, 11:08am
Hi all

I am trying to test the buf key word in verilog.

The following code had been wrote. It supposed to add buffers between the input signal and output signal.

However, after the synthesize, it generates the following netlist.

What is the problem here? How to use verilog key word?

Thank you

The synthesize command are

set_attribute hdl_max_memory_address_range 100000000

read_hdl -v2001 test.v

set_attribute library sage-x_tsmc_cl018g_rvt_tt_1p8v_25c.lib


synthesize -to_generic

synthesize -to_mapped

write_hdl -generic test > test_syn.v

write_hdl -mapped test > test_synth_map.v

// Generated by Cadence Encounter(R) RTL Compiler RC14.22 - v14.20-s016_1

// Verification Directory fv/test

module test(in, en, out1, out2);
 input in, en;
 output out1, out2;
 wire in, en;
 wire out1, out2;

module test(in,en,out1,out2);
  input in,en;
  wire          in,en;
  output out1,out2;
  wire   out1,out2;
endmodule // buf
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