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Aug 4th, 2020, 10:48am
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Class E Power Amplifier Questions (Read 46 times)
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Class E Power Amplifier Questions
Jul 17th, 2020, 6:18pm
I have some questions about Class E Power Amplifier

1) From page 183 of Advances in Electronics, Communication and Computing ,

(a) why Maximum output power is calculated as 0.577 Vdd2 / R ?

(b) What does it mean by Vgs (min) = 5% of Vdd = 0.09 V and Vgs (max) = 7% of Vdd = 0.126 V. Therefore Vgs value will be in between 0.09 and 0.126 V ?

2) From Figures 4 and 5 on page 3 of A Class-E RF Power Amplifier with a Novel Matching Network for High-Efficiency Dynamic Load Modulation ,

(a) how to determines values of all the values of capacitors and inductors of both the input and output impedance matching networks ?

(b) how to use Spice software to simulate if it does not have smith chart plotting capability ?

(c) How to bias the two pull-up inductors (Lrf, Ldriver) and two resistors (Rb1, Rb2) ?

(d) How does the proposed digitally-controlled matching network works ?

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