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Mar 2nd, 2024, 11:39am
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PAC simulation issue (Read 454 times)
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PAC simulation issue
Jun 14th, 2021, 11:23am

I am facing a problem with pac simulation. This is the error that I see.

ERROR (SPCRTRF-15168): No valid time points are specified for the sampled analysis `pac'. The analysis is skipped.
To fix the problem, please verify that: 1) Threshold value is within the range of probed signal. 2) Additional timepoints are specified less than the fundamental period.

It doesn't make sense because,
The threshold value that I set is at 0.5*VDD so it is within the range of probed signal (verified with pss plot).
I don't have any additional timepoints specified.

Is there any other reason why this could be happening?

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